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Achieving Change Together


ClassACT HRX8 is a Harvard alumni community and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We are an alumni “social impact accelerator.” Our mission is to bring classmates together to address pressing local, national, and international problems and opportunities.

We do this by providing a platform where early-stage nonprofits, founded or sponsored by classmates, can bridge resource gaps by leveraging the expertise of our network of classmates and other Harvard alumni. ClassACT HRX8 seeks both classmates who are launching a “second act” in the nonprofit sector and those who wish to engage with their classmates on issues that resonate. ClassACT HRX8 will assist creatively with, for example, strategic and operational guidance, legal advice, advocacy, and board leadership. ClassACT HRX8 also will facilitate additional support from local governments, institutions, and private individuals.


Community. We are bringing together classmates of diverse backgrounds and industries with unique skills, resources, and perspectives.

Accountability. Accountable, transparent and accessible systems that document measurable results.

Respect. We are committed to individual and organizational efforts to build respect, dignity, fairness, and equality.

Engagement. Classmates volunteer time and expertise to support the mission of innovative and scalable nonprofits.

Stewardship. We are careful and responsible managers of all our resources, including our reputation and the goodwill in the community.


To strengthen and amplify the ClassACT (“Achieving Change Together”) concept, to serve as a role model for alumni/ae engagement by the HAA community as a whole, and to enhance Harvard alumni/ae engagement for philanthropists and social impact leaders in their local communities.

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