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Miracle of help

Project Sponsor:  Risa Gold, MD 

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Miracle of Help is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit using a community-led development model to help communities mobilize and design solutions that address their overall social and healthcare needs.

Project support request:  Strategy, operations, regional partners

Expertise in hospital building and shipping to West Africa to build a Maternal Health Child Post (MHCP). Contacts to grant-making organizations or corporations that can support MOH through partnership.

Impact model:

Current Status and project goals:

The villagers of Ngolahun have donated the land and their existing clinic for the hospital project. MOH has renovated the clinic, dug two wells, and built a guest house for visiting medical personnel. MOH provides monthly 3-day fully staffed clinics to provide primary healthcare. MOH will construct a MHCP to support women and children in need of care. Long-term, MOH will expand the hospital's designation to Community Health Center in partnership with Sierra Leone's government.


Operating Budget

3 Day

Monthly Clinics


Monthly Patients

Skills and assistance needed:

  • Professional Grant Writer
  • Strategic Development
  • Expand Network
  • Board Development
  • New Program Partners
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