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The Harvard Alumni Association maintains and enhances a highly engaged, vibrant community of alumni and friends worldwide. HAA Shared Interest Groups and Harvard Clubs and other programs offer a wide range of opportunities to develop and strengthen the alumni network.  HAA Executive Director Philip Lovejoy captured the essence of Harvard in an interview stating, "Harvard is a singular place filled with brilliant and engaging alumni who are making a huge impact in the world. The HAA empowers our alumni to connect with one another and build the foundation of a lifelong relationship with the University." (Harvard Magazine, May 2014)


The mission of ClassACT HR73 is to bring together HR73 classmates to address important local, national, and international issues by creating and supporting positive change; and to create or renew our relationships with each other and with other Harvard classes. ClassACT HR73, in cooperation with the HAA, encourages other Harvard College classes to develop their own ClassACT structures and invites the University community at large to join HR73 in its projects. From early in the development , the HR73 Board envisioned its greatest legacy arising from the extension of the ClassACT concept to other Harvard classes.


ClassACT HRX8 will collaborate with the HAA and ClassACT HR73 to complement their existing programs while launching a new model of intergenerational alumni activity. HRX8 is committed to creating new or strengthened relationships within the class of 1978 and with the classes of '58, '68, '88, '98, '08, '18. The HRX8 community is a multi-generational virtual network of classmates committed to achieving transformational change in alumni engagement as philanthropists and leaders in their local communities. HRX8 is a broad network across a range of classes with a built-in mechanism for the transfer of functional guardianship. HRX8 will strengthen and amplify the work of ClassACT HR73, thereby enabling its founding principles and practices to be recognized and emulated by the entire HAA community.

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